Thursday, March 18, 2010

And so it begins!

I've created this blog for my Philosophy and Feminism class as my project. My minor is art history and so art is a very big part of my life. I want to look at various ways women have been depicted in art and feminist artists, and maybe a little bit of how women are used in advertising.
Women have always been subjected to the "male gaze" when in art. This is mostly because, as with most things, art has been dominated by men. I've heard that there is no way to show a naked woman and not have her be sexualized. I want to take a look at this while working on this blog.
But for just as many male artists, there are plenty of feminist artists. These artists show the feminist obstacles that they must overcome every day, especially in the art world. They use art as their medium to fight back against the male dominated society and express how they feel. This artwork has many layers of meaning and is always interesting to take apart and explore.
I've always had a thing for advertising. I want to look at it throughout the ages. I want to see how the women in these adverts are used and I want to see how the cooperation try to sell to women. I always notice the adverts on television whenever I watch it, so I want to take a closer look at this.
Through doing this, I can apply what I've learned in my philosophy class and also what I've picked up in my art history classes. I've always enjoyed applying what I've learned to projects, so I'm looking forward to making more posts!

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